Bubble Wrap-Up

The Story of BUBBLE WRAP® Brand

Episode Summary

Welcome to The Bubble Wrap-Up, a podcast presented by Sealed Air, the original inventors of Bubble Wrap brand packaging.  The Bubble Wrap-Up is here to explore the hidden stories of e-commerce retail and delivery. Hiding inside every package that gets delivered there just might be a shocking consumer trend, a geopolitical stand-off, or a clever business practice that's affecting what you buy and how it ends up on your doorstep. In this episode,we're going back to where it all began. Because without BUBBLE WRAP® brand,the world as we know it today might not exist at all.  It all starts with an epic failure. 

Episode Notes

This episode of The Bubble Wrap-Up was produced by Aleigh Acerni, recorded and edited by Bobby Jones, and written and hosted by Jenn Grabenstetter.

Special thanks to our guest Howard Fielding.

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